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Going Live Check List

Congratulations on completing your website!

Before going live, there are a few important items to take care of!

1 - Configure properties to 100%

User Manual: Property Audit

Please ensure that your properties have been configured with all of the data that will show on the website, including:

Rates, Descriptions, Images, Location, Terms & Conditions, and Booking Settings

2 - Calendar is up-to-date

User Manual: Booking Audit Checklist

Please ensure that all present and future bookings have been imported or added into CiiRUS to keep the availability calendars up-to-date.

If the website goes live before the calendars have been updated, a guest could cause a double booking.

Contact your Customer Success Onboarding Manager if you are not sure if your bookings have been imported.

3 - Connect to a Credit Card Processor

User Manual: Card Payments

In order to take payment on the website, a compatible merchant credit card processor must be integrated before your website goes live.

4 - Configure Domain & SSL Certificate

User Manual: What's an SSL Certificate?

If you haven't already, please contact us to go over your domain/DNS information and how to obtain your SSL certificate.

5 - Add your Locations

User Manual: Location Editor

In addition to specifying the location in the Property Assistant, locations should also be added to the Website Location Editor. Once added, they will automatically pull onto the website and appear under the destinations/community drop-down.

Please read the User Manual above to learn how to add your locations.

6 - Configure your Featured Properties

User Manual: Featured Properties

You can showcase up to six featured properties on the website from the home page.

Please read the User Manual above to learn how to add your featured properties.

7 - Obtain Google Maps API Key

User Manual: Google Maps API Key

On the Property Details page, you may notice an error over the Google Map. This is because Google requires an API Key to use the map. This can be obtained from your Google Account. Please read the User Manual above to learn how to obtain the key or contact Google Support for any questions related to obtaining the key.

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